Sony PS3 Phat Ylod Recovery

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Sony PS3 Phat Ylod Recovery

Sony PS3 Ylod Recovery

Is Your Console Doing This...

If you have these issue's book this repair with us at Console Healer

Running for 5 minutes or less, Turn's on then straight off again

Only get a red flashing light on the PS3

We can recover your PS3 then will be able too

Remove your game disc from the drive (if inside)

Recover your game saves

Recover your pictures, Videos

* 90% Fix Rate * There is no warranty on this repair *

** If your PS3 has had the yellow light of death (Ylod) before and has been repaired, you will still be charged if repaired and still not working **

we can sort this with reflowing your PS3 for you

Repair Turn Around Time 1 - 3 Days

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